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Hot off the energy crisis making a silk purse out of the k cars ear mustve seemed like a winner. For example they had the least door closing effort of any chrysler vehicle regardless of price.

Worst Idea And Execution Gm X Car Or Chrysler K Car 24hourcampfire

Then you have come to the right place.

Chrysler k car. The 22 and 25 are a family of inline 4 engines developed by chrysler corporation originally for the chrysler k and l platforms cars and subsequently used in many other chrysler vehicles. The k car platform was eminently flexible and it was stretched compressed and reconfigured into the famed minivan a 0 60 in 58 spirit rt sedan and even the chrysler town country wagon. 198386 chrysler executive limousine.

Derived from chryslers l cars the plymouth horizon and dodge. The lebaron came the following year and. The exec limo added over 30 inches to a k cars.

After its launch in 1981 it became the basis for all chrysler developed 4 cylinder engines until the chrysler 18 20 24 engine family was released in 1994. Because of their importance the company worked on every detail of these cars. We recognize and appreciate these cars and our goal is the sole historical preservation of chrysler k cars through repair assistance seller assistance buyer assistance and car events in an interactive social environment.

The k car platform was a key automotive design platform introduced by chrysler corporation for the 1981 model year featuring a transverse engine front wheel drive independent front and semi independent rear suspension configurationa stark departure from the companys previous reliance on solid axle rear drive configurations. The k cars saved chrysler from near certain bankruptcy with the first dodge and plymouth versions rolling off showroom floors as 1981 models. While chrysler developed endless variations of the original k platform adding branches to the k car family tree through 1995 only the dodge aries400600 plymouth reliant and chrysler lebaron were true ks.

This includes fighting such measures as cash for clunkers and misinformation which. Looking back the chrysler k car range seems like the punchline of a bad joke but vehicles based on this front wheel drive platform literally saved the automaker from oblivion.

Chrysler K Platform

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