Alfa Romeo Zagato Viper

2010 alfa romeo tz3 stradale zagato sports car is going to auction. The alfa romeo giulia tz also known as the alfa romeo tz or tubolare zagato was a sports car and racing car manufactured by alfa romeo from 1963 to 1967.

Alfa Romeo Tz3 Stradale Zagato アルファロメオ スポーツカー

As you can see the car is based on the dodge.

Alfa romeo zagato viper. Maybe youve heard about my love for the dodge viper. This ones for sale. But the 2010 alfa romeo tz3 stradale zagato.

Jun 14 2011 there is yet another alfa by zagato one officially sanctioned by the manufacturer and very different from any other. Every single generation yielded objectively perfect cars. It replaced the giulietta szin 2011 the name was reduced from giulia tz to tz in the new tz3 model.

The zagato tz3 is a dodge viper dressed in stunning alfa romeo clothing. Another was this car the zagato tz3. America bound alfa romeo with the vipers soul.

Just nine were built. This alfa romeo badged zagato tz3 stradale is based on the viper powered by the acrs mighty 640 hp 84 liter v10 engine. I have recorded a yellow alfa romeo tz3 stradale by zagato one of just 9 that will ever be produced at the 2013 concorso deleganza villa deste.

The car is currently for sale at tsg autohaus in costa mesa ca and. Limited to 9 units i have to say this car is more american than italian. I have filmed the alfa romeo tz3 stradale zagato it starts up and revs twice the massive 84l v10 engine with 611hp.

At its core its a dodge viper with a custom coachbuilt body. Just whispers and murmurs perhaps.

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